That's Not My Neighbor Game: Play Free Online

That's Not My Neighbor Game is a horror-themed 2D game where you play as a doorman responsible for checking the identities of incoming residents. Developed by Nacho Sama, the game was released on February 24, 2024, exclusively for Microsoft Windows and Online. In the game, doppelgangers, creatures mimicking real residents, attempt to infiltrate the building. Your task is to identify the real tenants based on provided details and prevent the doppelgangers from gaining entry. The game is still in development, offering an immersive and suspenseful experience for players.

How to Play That's Not My Neighbor Online?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is That's Not My Neighbor Game?

    That's Not My Neighbor is a horror-themed 2D game where you play as a doorman responsible for checking the identities of incoming residents. Developed by Nacho Sama, the game was released on February 24, 2024.

  2. How to Play That's Not my Neighbor?

    Playing That's Not My Neighbor game involves taking on the role of a doorman tasked with distinguishing between real residents and doppelgangers. Here's a simple guide on how to play the game:

    1 Setup: Imagine yourself as a doorman in an apartment building in the year 1955. You're working alongside a group called D.D.D. (Doppelgänger Detection Department).
    2 Desk Duties: Picture yourself sitting behind a glass window at a desk. Your main job is to decide whether a person is allowed to enter the building.
    3 Verification Process: Check the paperwork sent through a chute below the window. This paperwork helps you determine if the person is a real neighbor or a sneaky doppelgänger.
    4 Caution is Key: Be extremely careful during this process. Mistakenly letting in a doppelgänger lowers your score, and at the end of the day, it can lead to big trouble. The same applies if you call D.D.D. on a real neighbor.
    5 Decision Time: If the person appears normal (not a doppelgänger), let them into the building. But if you identify them as a doppelgänger, press the "Emergency" button to block them from entering.
    6 Calling for Backup: Immediately call D.D.D. on their phone (3312) to inform them about the doppelgänger. A team will be sent to handle the situation.
    7 Post-Cleanup: After the D.D.D. team takes care of the doppelgänger, you'll be directed to resume your duties.
    8 End of Day Results: At the end of your workday, a paper displays your results. It shows how many doppelgängers you caught, any neighbors you mistakenly called out, doppelgängers you allowed in, and your overall ranking.
    9 Mistakes Have Consequences: If you unintentionally let a doppelgänger in, you won't realize it until the end of the day. You'll see green claws attacking, and the screen will show blood. Clicking for details reveals which doppelgänger(s) got in and the signs you missed.
    10 Educational Film: Watch a short film made by D.D.D. that emphasizes paying attention to your neighbors' appearances and filling out a checklist for each one. Missing details could mean danger for you and your neighbors.
  3. What are Best Tips to Win That's Not My Neighbor Game

    The best tips to win That's Not My Neighbor game are given below:

    1 Inspect Thoroughly: Carefully check resident paperwork for details.
    2 Complete Checklists: Fill out checklists for each neighbor diligently.
    3 Decide Quickly: Develop swift decision-making skills for quick categorization.
    4 Emergency Response: Use the "Emergency" button promptly against doppelgängers.
    5 Speed and Accuracy: Balance speed and accuracy as challenges escalate.
    6 Regular Checks: Look for signs of doppelgänger imperfections regularly.
    7 Learn from Mistakes: Improve by learning from previous errors.
    8 D.D.D. Support: Call D.D.D. promptly for effective doppelgänger handling.
    9 Prioritize Safety: Prioritize genuine neighbors' safety over potential threats.
    10 Stay Calm: Maintain composure and focus amid intensifying challenges.
    11 Educational Film Insights: Follow D.D.D.'s film insights for survival.
  4. Is That's Not My Neighbor freely available?

    Yes, "That's Not My Neighbor" is freely available on internet. If you're interested in playing it, you may need to visit the to play it.

  5. Are there any ways to help the neighbors besides letting them in?

    In That's Not Neighbor game, The main goal is to identify and prevent doppelgangers from entering the building to ensure the safety of the residents. The game doesn't include additional ways to help neighbors beyond this core gameplay.

  6. What is the role of the D.D.D. beyond providing paperwork?

    The D.D.D. in "That's My Neighbor game" provides paperwork and helps remove or neutralize identified doppelgangers when called in emergencies by the doorman.

  7. How to improve your ranking in Neighbor game?

    To improve your ranking in That's My not Neighbor Game, accurately identify and prevent doppelgangers from entering, avoid mistakes, and use the emergency button wisely. Thoroughly inspect paperwork and pay attention to details.